YCDCC Members

The Yolo County Democratic Central Committee serves as the official representative and governing body of the California Democratic Party in Yolo County, carrying out such duties as are consistent with the Elections Code of the State of California and the By-Laws and policies of the California Democratic Party and Democratic National Committee.

The regular membership of the Yolo County Democratic Central Committee is composed of supervisorial district (SD) representatives, elected officials and their Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC) appointees, DSCC officers, club representatives, elected assembly district delegates to the DSCC (ADD), and alternates.

Regular members shall have full rights and privileges of participation, including the right to make and second motions, vote, have a voice in all deliberations, attend closed sessions, and serve as an officer of the Central Committee.

Associate members shall have the rights and privileges as members of standing committees, except the right to vote or to serve as committee chair. Anyone can be an associate member.

SD1Christopher CabaldonRyan Harrison
SD1Oscar Villegas
SD1Katie Villegas
SD2Donald Winters
SD2Kim AnguloGymmel Garcia Carmona
SD2Marlene Bell
SD2Dean Vogel
SD2Linda Allison
SD3Jesse OrtizMaria Chariez
SD3Cruz Navarette-Ortiz
SD3Xochtil Rodriquez
SD4Robert Schelen
SD4Robert Bockwinkel
SD4Christine Wagaman
SD4Jim ProvenzaLinda Deos
SD4Alice Kessler
SD4Arun Sen
SD5Victoria FernandezKuldip Gill
SD5Deborah Zavala
SD5Enrique FernandezSchuyler Rhodes
ElectedCongressman John GaramendiSusan Savage
ElectedState Senator Bill DoddAbdullah Yar
ElectedAssemblymember Cecilia Aguiar CurryJonathon Howard
ElectedCongresswoman Doris Matsuifour waters
ElectedState Senator Richard PanBernadette Austin
ElectedAssemblymember Kevin McCartyMartha Guerrero
Club RepCarlos Alcala, Dolores-Huerta Club
Club RepJoshua Jones, Berniecrats-Labor Alliance Club
Club RepGiles Giovinazzi, Davis Democratic Club
Club RepMaria Grijalva, River City Club
Club RepM.E. Gladis, Yolo County Progressives
Club RepChristian Monsees, Davis College DemocratsMorgan Cunneen
ADDRuy Laredo
ADDDesiree Bates-RojasHarpreet Chima
ADDMelissa Johnson-CamachoWill Kelly
ADDGregory Adams
ADDDillan HortonSamip Mehta
ADDKristal Edwards-Jones
ADDK. Kevyne Baar
ADDSean RaycraftFrank Pinto
ADDDonald Saylor
ADDChristopher MyersColin Walsh
ADDNorma Alcala
DSCC AppointeeBob Marr (Dodd)
DSCC AppointeeBill Julian (Aguiar-Curry)Martha West
DSCC AppointeeAngel Melchor (Garamendi)
DSCC AppointeeAlex Rooker (Vice-Chair)