Statement on the Separation of Children at the Southern Border

On June 18, 2018, the Yolo County Democratic Party unanimously voted in favor of the resolution below.

Expressing the Opposition and Outrage of the Democratic Party for Human Rights Abuses, Negligence, Unlawful Detention, the Forcible Separation of Children from parents at our Southern Border

Whereas, the American Civil Liberties Union, in its 2018 report, documented pervasive physical, sexual and emotional abuse of migrant children by Homeland Security and ICE agents at our Southern Border, including, but not limited to, teenagers run over by border protection officials and subsequently beaten; a young girl who was forced to spread her legs and was molested by federal agents, a pregnant teen whose cry for medical attention was ignored which resulted in a stillborn birth; multiple children threatened with rape and death; children forced to sleep in holding pens on concrete floors; all of which has led to an overwhelming atmosphere of fear, isolation, medical emergencies and death at our Southern border; and

Whereas, the Trump Administration has implemented a zero tolerance policy at our Southern border including, but not limited to, the unlawful abduction of children forcibly removed from their parents who have been criminalized even though many are lawfully seeking asylum from deadly and dangerous circumstances in other countries thereby violating their constitutional right to due process and resulting in the United Nations Human Rights Office calling upon the U.S. to stop separating children from parents because separation as a deterrent to illegal immigration runs counter to human rights standards and principles; and, separately, creating a system without background checks , tracking or oversight for children released from federal custody which has resulted in them being handed over to human traffickers, and approximately 1500 children who could not be located; and

Whereas, the Trump administration has fueled an atmosphere of hatred and discrimination against all immigrants seeking refuge in the United States at our Southern border which has led to intolerance and an increase in discrimination and poor treatment of immigrant communities.

Therefore, be it resolved, that the California Democratic Party affirms its commitment to take action against the abusive, immoral, inhumane and illegal treatment of migrant children at our Southern border and calls upon the Democratic Delegation of Congress to take immediate steps to insure that migrant children are tracked for family unification and, in the interim, placed with organizations designed to care for the emotional, physical, medical, and educational needs of minors, with proper oversight and monitoring by independent institutions; and

And, therefore be it resolved, that a copy of this resolution be sent to Democratic members of Congress, media outlets and the Democratic delegation of our CA State Legislature.

Authored by Susie Shannon